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    "price order (custom) start from $79.99 - $159.99 with 1-3 days or more custom process time, only accept payments use PayPal for international payment & Bank Transfer for local payment, special offer free worldwide shipping!"

    "all items shipped use regular postal service, it has longer ETA up to 3 - 4 weeks transit time or more (international free shipping use R-LN / ePacket), if you need the faster delivery one, we can use express mail service (EMS) forwarded by DHL express after arrived on the destinated country, for additional shipping costs according by location, it has faster speed like 5-7 days time of delivery process."

    "requests for semi-installation there is an additional charge for parts, potentiometers / push pull, switch pickups selector, guitar output jack all installed with the cable."

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    What is the ISUSTAINER?

    is a custom electronic system that enables the controlled sustain of any single or group of notes within the guitar’s sound range. At your discretion, strings will emit sound at a consistent intensity until stopped, regardless of output and/or location, even if the guitar is not connected to an amplifier!

    How does it work?

    System generates a magnetic field causing the strings of the guitar to vibrate. Powered by a 9-Volt battery, the interaction of the Bridge pickups, the Sustainer Circuit Board and the neck Sustainer Driver pickups, projects magnetic pulses that continuously vibrate the strings of the guitar, the same way an amplifier would at extreme volumes, yet totally controlled! The result is infinite sustain and/or feedback using sparkly clean or loud distorted settings without the need for excessive volume or extra outboard gear!

    Be equipped 3 mode sustainer and passive neck pickups features!

    Fundamental Mode: The note(s) will continue to ring its natural tone as long as the string(s) are free to vibrate and the Sustainer System is on.

    Mix Mode: Blends the Natural and Harmonic Mode to harmonize indefinitely every ringing note creating a harmonized feedback effect.

    Harmonic Mode: Within seconds, the pitch of the ringing note(s) will rise to the 5th natural harmonic.

    Passive Pickups: if the switch power sustainer off position/pickups selector on neck position, sustainer driver can works as passive neck pickups can use modes single coil or humbucker.

    What can the sustainer do for you?

    Enhance your creativity with the ISUSTAINER. Use with any combination of gear in your arsenal of effects, amp modelers and home recording equipment. Discover new sounds as you explore the world of controlled sustain and feedback. How do you get natural sustain using digital effects? You can’t! It’s The ISUSTAINER that makes this possible!